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Game Thread: 4/7, Padres vs. Giants

Padres face the Giants in San Francisco's home opener. It's the venerable Greg Maddux vs. the Matt Cain. I can't wait to see Scott Hairston face Matt Cain again after all the flirting that happened between them at the end of last season. The excitment has my balls wound up so tight!

The game starts at 1:35 PST and will be televised live and repeated on Channel 4 tonight.

Padres, Maddux are bane of Bochy, Cain

Two things seemed to drive manager Bruce Bochy nuts last season, the Giants' 4-14 futility against his old team, the San Diego Padres, and all the losses Matt Cain took, even when he pitched well, because the offense could not score for him.

Dave Roberts,also a former Padre, believes Bochy is motivated to beat his old teamand was frustrated last year, saying, "Whether he admits it or not,it's only natural. He was a huge part of that organization and the cityfor a long time. His roots are there. I'm sure it dug a little deeperwhen we lost to them. But he's a prideful man. He won't admit it."

Go Padres!