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Does Jake throw a spitter?

Bugs & Cranks sent along this photographic evidence!



Click through to the rest of the story for a clip of video of Jake killing it with some nasty action. I'm pretty sure that what you're seeing on Jake's hands is chew residue. He's a chewer for sure and that nasty junk coming from whatever he keeps in his lip has ended up on his fingers!

I wonder if they'll investigate. I don't know about you, but I love the idea of a spitball. It's one of those things that people who only see baseball rules in black and white might criticize me about like, You're so high and mighty about steroids and you actually like the fact that Jake might throw a spitter?

See, to me... the spitter is like a lost dark art. It's against the rules to be sure, but if it were really such a terrible thing, they wouldn't have grandfathered in all of the guys who openly threw spitters after the pitch was banned. And even now, it lives on in the hearts of slightly evil pitchers. Jake Peavy harnessing the unholy powers of hell to do the holy work of defeating the Dodgers. He's like Ghostrider or Hellblazer or Spawn or something.

Carry on, young Jake! Work your dastardly magic!