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Open Thread, 4/4: Padres vs Dodgers

Oh man I hate the Dodgers. I'm not sure why, but a fire burns within my soul whenever we play the Dodgers. Personally, I think it's a compliment when fans of other teams hate your favorite team. It seems to me that's a little better than just being completely indifferent or even worse, dismissive. The Dodgers and their fans should take it as a compliment that I think they smell like the rear ends of farm animals that have eaten lots of seafood and barley.

Interestingly, Dodger Thoughts' goes for the reverse jinx (as opposed to my blatant digust) and points out our overall advantage over the Dodgers since their World Series. That's kinda friendly of them, though it makes me hate them even more for thinking of the idea to do that before I did.

Here's a topic for discussion. Given that wins against the Dodgers mean more to us since they're in our division, would it have made more sense to have started Germano yesterday and let the Dodgers face Wolf, Peavy and Young? Here's the followup. Does it make sense that Young should pitch after Peavy at all? Wouldn't it make more sense to order pitchers so that their styles vary from day to day and their tendency to use the bullpen also alternates? So many questions.