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Who has San Diego in their No-Trade Clause?

I was talking to Dex yesterday and I wondered who had San Diego listed in their no trade clause.  I originally only wanted to know which guys who refused to play for the Padres.  I thought "Who wouldn't want to play in America's Finest City and for the Padres?!" Then I looked at our record and one of my questions was answered, but still how could you not want to live here?  I concluded that you'd have to be some kinda jerk and I decided that I'd find every last one of them!

The problem was that I didn't have any idea how to search player contracts. Dex pointed me in the write direction using google and .  I gave up quickly trying to find everybody but I checked through all of google's results.


First let's start with the good guys.  The ones that will allow a trade to San Diego without their written consent:

  • Shawn Green  can only be traded to 3 teams and one of them is the Padres.
  • Mike Sweeney listed San Diego as one of his 8 teams he can be traded to.without written consent.

I think most people would agree that these two are two of the more likable players in Major League Baseball.

Now for the one guy who doesn't want anything to do with San Diego:

  • Adrian Beltre  chose San Diego as one of the 8 teams he does not want to be traded to.

It makes sense that it is a Mariner a player from our biggest rival.