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Open Thread: 4/3, Padres vs. Astros

A televised afternoon home game, immediately following a devastating loss and blown save is just what the doctor ordered.

We need to get right back on the horse.

Surprisingly the big question isn't whether Hoffman can cut it as a closer, it is "will it sprinkle a little bit during the game"? It is after all a little bit damp and cloudy outside.

I don't know if it's going to rain or not, but I do know that the excitement for the upcoming game is making me super wet.

Go Padres!!

[Note by Dex, 04/03/08 3:37 PM EDT ] There was a weird problem with the autoscheduler of the GameThread, so some of you commented in the evil twin of this Open Thread before I managed to kill it by exposing it to direct sunlight. This is the thread yall should be hanging out in.


You're either with Trevor Hoffman or against him. What's it gonna be?

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    I stand by my man! I'm with him!
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  • 29%
    I side with the terroists! I'm against him!
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