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Well that kinda sucked

Luckily, we've determined that the Padres blow it in big games early in the season. There's still plenty of time to find a new team to root for. The Padres look to be the worst team in the West, especially given that the Giants won last night so I'm considering the Diamondbacks as my team this year because they're plucky.

Oh wait, what? I'm overreacting? Let's consider the fact of how much worse we are than others aka the facts.

  • FACT: Trevor has blown more saves this season than any other pitcher aside from the 17 (or so) other pitchers who have also blown a save.
  • FACT: The Padres now have more losses than 4 teams, which speaks a lot to our playoff chances.
  • FACT: The Padres are tied for first with the Dodgers and since the Dodgers suck, then that must mean that being in first place sucks.
  • FACT: Being tied with another team in the standings means that we'll have to play a 163rd game.
  • MYTH: These kinds of losses, while depressing, are bound to happen given that the very best teams in the league still manage to lose 60-70 games over the course of the season.
  • FACT: 162-0 is no longer possible, and given the way the game played out, 161-1 is looking increasingly unlikely.

I don't know about you, but I hope that Trevor retires as soon as possible.

Now that I've got that out of my system, I can tell you how I really feel:

Barrett called a weaksauce game. It was apparent with what he was putting up there for Maddux and it was "apparent" with the way Trevor allowed the walk. I didn't see either pitcher shaking off a lot of signs, which makes the selection a little questionable. Jake is the one guy on the team smart and cocky enough with his stuff that he could basically call his own game the whole way through. That's right. I referred to Jake Peavy as "smart".

The offense looks really good. I'm very comfortable with Scott Hairston, though I personally wouldn't mind seeing how Jim Edmonds handles himself. I'm also going to be a big Justin Huber fan this season.

P-Mac does not deserve your derision. Do not forget that I've met several of you in person and we all have an El Guapo to face. For jboxes, shyness may be their El Guapo. For Dramas and sdsuaztec4s, an irrational tendency to overreact to circumstances is their El Guapo. For Jonny Dubs a latently blatantly homosexual tendency towards cats and Pad Squad Andres is their El Guapo.

For P-Mac, El Guapo is a physical resemblance to vessels of fluid. But do not forget that being "barrel chested" was once considered a compliment!

Anyways... If anybody needs me, I'll be at the snakepit.