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Padres fans not very satisfied

ESPN has their Fan Satisfaction Rankings up for the year. I was quoted in the piece specifically about the Padres and how Padres fans hate how much stuff costs, but I was kinda put in a weird context...

The team's tickets, parking and nearly every concession are priced below the league average, yet Pad fans are sour on the expense of La Jolla baseball. "When you live in San Diego, everything is about cost," says's Dexter Bustarde. "People like to complain about how much stuff costs."

For the record, I know that the Padres don't actually play in La Jolla. I don't know what the La Jolla thing is in reference to. I don't want to fire up the old news alert system tomorrow and find comments on Ducksnorts and SignOnSanDiego like, "Dex over at Gaslamp Ball is so dumb. La Jolla's over there dummy!!!"

On another note, we're somehow more "satisfied" than the White Sox, Reds and Cardinals, which seems a little ridiculous to me. If we're more satisfied than the fans of those teams, i.e. World Champions in recent memory, then they must really have some whiners.