Jake calls on Front Office to "stir it up".

Sign on San Diego's latest article has Jake calling to "stir it up" and I agree with him.

I love me some Jake. He has recently pitched the idea of signing ageless outfielder Kenny Lofton to solve some of our offensive woes.

"I like Kenny," Peavy said of the unemployed outfielder. "I think he'd bring a dimension to this ballclub that we don't have any of -- we have no team speed.

"It's not my call. It's not my decision. But he'd definitely be a spark".

KT apparently has other plans. He is going to keep with the youth movement and plans to look within the organization, (Headley, Antonelli) for more offensive options even though they are struggling right now.

"I would say if there are moves to be made in the next couple of weeks, they'll probably be from within. My eyes are more on the Portland team."

Actually, the person closest to getting called up isn't who you'd think.

"Closest to a call-up, Towers said, is probably catcher Nick Hundley, who has hit four home runs in 11 games and whose arm would represent an improvement on Padres' regular Josh Bard."

So I agree with Jake that we need some more team speed, but I agree with KT that we need more youth. Is there any speedy oufielders in our system? I like Phantom's ideas of some of the extra young speedy outfielders in Anaheim, but KT doesn't seem too keen on that. We obviously need to do something. What do you all think we should do?

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