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Ledezma plunks Conor Jackson in ribs

Post game host on Channel 4, Bob Scanlan got real fired up talking about Ledezma hitting Conor Jackson in the ribs after he swung so hard that he fell to his knees in the previous pitch.

Conor Jackson has been absolutely tearing the Padres apart, hitting .571 coming into the game against them.

Conor Jackson swings so hard that he falls to his knees.

Can you swing any harder than that?  Come on now.  You can't be swinging hard like that.  A message has got to be sent and Wil Ledezma does it.

Ledezma hits Jackson in the ribs with the next pitch.

Wear that!  I'm not for hurting people but at the same time you cannot have batters standing in that batters box swinging as hard as they possibly can and think that you aren't going to send a message.

Good job by Wil Ledezma, I'm not for hurting guys, but that was not dirty baseball right there.He came in, he wasn't head hunting, he went right for the ribs.  You know what?  You don't like it Conor?  You know where to find me!

You've got to send a message, not just to Conor Jackson but to that entire Arizona Diamondback ball club.  You want to swing hard like that?  Do it against the Dodgers.  Do it against the Giants.  Go ahead and swing like that against the Colorado Rockies, but you aren't going to do it here against the San Diego Padres here in Petco Park.  Well done Wil Ledezma.

Scanlan goes on to compliment Bob Melvin for keeping his guys under control and not letting them light a spark underneath the Padres, by retaliating.

You can tell Scanlan is still a competitor.  He's more fired up then the entire Padres roster.  His speech was the most entertaining part of the entire broadcast.  I was a big Scanlan fan before and this just cements it into place.