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My very last thing picking on Trevor Hoffman

You know what's interesting to me... I wonder if Trevor Hoffman would be getting booed at his entrances and/or exits if he were the closer for another team. Let's say he were put in front of a crowd in Philadelphia or the Bronx or in Boston. What would the media be writing about him in those types of places? Would the fans have run him out of town by now? As it is, Trevor still gets cheered when he enters the game and it's mostly just a sigh after the game ...except online and on talk radio where ridiculous bloggers and first-time-callers-long-time listeners proclaim him done. Is that a good thing? I dunno. Does Trevor deserve more respect than your average ballplayer? Yes, definitely. If he can't hold a 1 run lead, should we complain that it should've been a 3 run lead? If he can't hold a tie game, should we complain that he should be only brought in to save? They may not be fair questions, but I don't want people thinking that I'm complaining about Trevor because I'm "crazy". What's crazy to me is putting a single player on such a pedestal that we can't take an objective look at him. What's also crazy to me is the suggestion that people shouldn't be pointing out the elephant in the room.   

Either way, I wonder if the Padres should start realizing that what they've always figured is a fair-weather fan is actually a highly disgruntled fan that knows how to hit the team where it hurts to show their displeasure. Maybe San Diegans are actually just very passive aggressive. We won't go to a game and actively boo our own players who are just trying to do their best. We just won't go to the game.

I'll stop picking on Trevor. The rest of the bullpen has been amazingly mediocre and the offense has also been pretty terrible. These are all things that we all know. There's obviously still time for most of these guys to turn things around. For the most part, they're young and they're playing below expectations. April has never been a great month for us. We'll be able to ride out the storm. They'll turn it around soon, I'm sure. Even the worst teams in the league will win 60-70 games, so we still have about 50-60 happy nights ahead of us.