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Post Game Thread: 4/23, Padres vs. Giants

Gaslamp Ball was down for a few hours there so there was no open thread. I need to push tonight's game thread out anyway so it doesn't clog up the works. I'll just make this a post game thread.

Another extra inning home game. Maddux pitches 7 scoreless innings. Josh Bard tries to stretch a single into a double and a few feet off of first base he forgets he's slow. Brian Giles drives a pitch up the middle and gives Maddux a one run lead. Heath Bell hands the game to Trevor. Trevor throws a low change up inside to Benji Molina and he puts it in the left field seats. The game goes to extra innings. In the 13th the Giants score 2 runs off Glendon Rusch. Padres load the bases. Colt Morton drives a sac fly into center, scores one run. Kooz singles up the middle. Tadahito Iguchi grounds out to short stop to end the game.