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Kendra Wilkinson, the Padres only Celebrity Fan

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... we'll take it!  Playboy confirms that Kendra will be throwing out the first pitch at a Padres game this season.


I love this interview with Kendra:

Ask Kendra: Who's going to win the World Series this season? Can anybody take on Boston? She may not know the answer to that, but she knows whom she's going to route for! See much more of Ask Kendra and the other girls at

They even spelled "root" like "route", gotta love it.  Go Padres!  1992! Is the fact that your mother was a cheerleader for the Eagles part of the reason you got into sports?
Kendra: That’s not the reason, just a fun fact. She was an Eagles cheerleader back in the '70s and my whole family is from Philadelphia, and when my mom moved to San Diego I was born there and I grew into the Chargers. You can't always go back east, so I might as well root for the local team. I was actually more of a baseball and Padres fan when I was younger.