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The Idea Man doin' his thang

  1. Beach Day at a Padres game.  You've got your retro days and other special days at the park.  My idea is that you have Beach Day.  You pick a Sunday day game and make it beach day.  Everybody who wears a swim suit gets to sit in a certain section out in the sun.  Then you get a sun tan lotion company out there to sponsor the event.  You'd have your dudes in board shorts, Euro vacationers in bikini cut speedos, your chicks in sexyhot bikini's and a few frat guys trying to be funny wearing their Borat suit.  People would love it.
  2. I think they need more themed nights.  It'd be so easy to do.  My first idea is to have a "Sounds of the Game" night where they completely shut off the PA system.  No music, no announcer... nothing.  Just the sound of the crowd and the crack of the bat.  If the silence is too much for you only play organ music.  How cool would it be to hear Hell's Bells on the organ when Trevor comes out?  I might be the only one who likes this idea though.  Otherwise you have nights based on movies and you play the sound track to say, Dirty Dancing and then show clips between innings.  This could work with a ton of movies, Top Gun or Short Circuit.  I don't know about you but I get a little tired of the same old songs being played at every game.  You could have Indie Night where you only play obscure Indie bands or bring in a celebrity to act as DJ for the night.  I know you already don't like this idea, but think about it!
  3. It'd be nice if there was one food area that was always switching up what kind of food it served.  You just take one of those food stalls and you either have a Chef that is always whipping up something new to surprise the fans or you bring in local restaurants for one night.  It would kind of be like that "Taste of San Diego" thing they have every once in awhile.  Each night a different restaurant charges like $15 for a plate and they give you a sample of some of their delightful menu.  It'd be a great way to experience new restaurants and to mix up the ballpark cuisine.

I can tell you already don't like these ideas.  Don't judge me!