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17 ways for the Padres to get people to attend more games without making changes to the team or the park dimensions

  1. Bring back the Chicken on weeknights
  2. Make the Compadres Club free
  3. Tell the ushers not to be so stingy about people sneaking into the rich people seats after the 6th inning when there's obviously less than 15,000 people in the stands
  4. Have a bobblehead giveaway. Everybody loves bobbleheads
  5. After a loss, have the losing pitcher sit in a dunk tank and sell baseballs 3 for $5. Have the money go to charity
  6. Lower the price of beer 75 cents
  7. Start a 100 Hot Dog Club. Have people stamp a card every time they have a hot dog at the park. At the end of the year, fans who've eaten 100 hot dogs get a free souvenir pin to stick on their lanyard or hat
  8. Invite an indie alt-punk band from a local community college to play all of the music throughout the game (anthem, intros, 7th inning stretch) from atop the batters' eye
  9. Open up the Toyota Terrace restaurants to the masses
  10. Have each of the players make 5 phone calls to Padres fans before a big series, asking them to come to the game. DO NOT CALL SEASON TICKET HOLDERS WITH THESE CALLS. THEY ALREADY HAVE TICKETS.
  11. Have each of the players call the season ticket holders to thank them for being season ticket holders. To ensure that they continue to feel entitled, call them up twice.
  12. Make the Compadres Club free. I know I said that already, but I feel strongly about it.
  13. Don't even give that much stuff away with your free Compadres Club. Just let people tally their points and look up how they're doing online. Don't even print those dumb coupons. Don't have the video of the Padres player. Just track their information and where they're sitting.
  14. Don't tie your fan loyalty program strictly to dollars spent. That's just crass.
  15. Do tie your fan loyalty program to the games attended
  16. Do also tie your fan loyalty program to games watched on television or radio. In some random inning, announce the day's Compadres Word of the Day and have fans text or email it within the next ten minutes to get credit
  17. Since our offense is light, have the marketing center around the Best Pitchers in Baseball.

That's kind of a weak one to end on, but I'm sure more will be added.