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How to Revolutionize Baseball: Extra Innings

Here's a way to revolutionize baseball and take care of the problem of games going way too long and take advantage of those skills we all learned playing backyard games of 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 baseball.

This is a good one.

If a game is tied at the end of nine, you are only allowed three extra innings of regular play. This takes care of about 80-90% of extra innings games. However, if you get into the 13th inning, something revolutionary happens... Both teams continue play with one fewer man in the lineup.

Play continues with both teams losing guys until the 19th inning when both teams have just two guys left on the field. In situations where there are men on base, but not enough players, use ghost runners.

This would not only make extra extra innings games extremely interesting, it also puts the managers' skills to test as they try to decide who to lose in every inning. At the very end, do you have a pitcher and a catcher? Do you have two position players who are decent fielders? It also makes baseball more accessible to kids who can't gather 18 people for a game because suddenly, games of 4-on-4 actually have meaning in "real world" game situations.

Somebody write the commissioner's office. We got this one figured out.