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Padres Rally Animals Fail to Provide Runs

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As many Gaslamp Ballers noticed and HARRYP09 screen captured for us, the Padres used every good luck charm they had in an attempt to beat the Rockies in what turned out to be a 22 inning game.

Many questioned what the deal was with the Ram's head and the Bird.  Tom Krasovic of the UT got the answers.

Sign on San Diego:

Said Peavy: "I wanted it to keep going."

Peavy pitched eight scoreless innings, then enjoyed the goofy dugout antics designed to bring home a winning run, which never came for the home team. Peavy and his mates wore sunglasses. They turned their caps inside out. They put "rally" tobacco in their mouths. They even removed the same tobacco at key junctures.

"We were just delirious," Peavy said, laughing.

 Oddly I felt the same way.  I just wanted that game to just keep going and going.  We've all experienced those delirious moments where one thing leads to another and you find yourself at the end of the night  messing around with sheep.  It's something we all have in common.  Sometimes we make the mistake of putting professional baseball players on a pedestal but moments like these remind you they are just like us.  We have needs and sometimes a sheep is the only option.

They also enlisted Larry the Bird and Jeff the Ram's Head, two stuffed animals that usually dwell inside the clubhouse but were brought to the dugout in extra innings.

The Ram's Head is a leftover from reliever Scott Linebrink, who was traded to Milwaukee last summer. Why Jeff?

"Brian Giles calls everybody on the team Jeff," Peavy said. "I don't know why."

Giles had no explanation, adding that he likes to stare into Jeff's eyes. "He's the best at staring competitions. I haven't beaten him yet," Giles said.

Brian Giles fascinates me.  I want to study him and publish scientific papers.