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Adrian Gonzalez knows Crash Davis

I like Adrian Gonzalez. Just wanted to say that. I just kinda wonder why anyone would have him write this article considering the fact that it's so.... fluffy. Let's say you were going to outline the "safe" things to say about the Padres. Come up with an outline:

  • Our pitching's really good
  • It's not about me, it's the team
  • We're still confident
  • Up and down. One day at a time
  • Our competition is good

And then what? Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he's giving us the "right" Bull Durham answers as opposed to the "wrong" answers. I just kinda want to grab Adrian and be like, "Dude... We've all seen Bull Durham."

I bet the guys are so tired from last night's game that there will be a "rain out" for tonight's game. Some group of ragamuffins will sneak into Chase and break the sprinklers. The ringleader of that group will be Adrian Gonzalez, because this article proves he's seen Bull Durham.