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Padres Baseball - Watch What Happens

I was just thinking about how that short three game home stand in the middle of the week probably should have been a very low key affair.  Sure we were facing the Rockies for the first time since game 163 of last year but the Padres were in and out of town so quick that I didn't even think much about it.  I was also out of town on bizness and missed the first two games.

This series really reminded us of one of the best reasons for going to a baseball game.  Anything can happen. 

Did anybody think that our #4 pitcher, Randy Wolf would pitch a no hitter late into Tuesday's game?  I sat in my hotel room with Sports Center on in the background and I heard them mention the Padres.  I thought there must have been a natural disaster for anybody on Sports Center to talk about a Padres game in progress.  I rushed down to my car and turned on the radio to listen to the last of the game.  The no hit bid had been broken up though while I was in the elevator.

Then Wednesday a great pitchers duel explodes in our faces as 7 runs are scored in the ninth inning. 

On Thursday a game lasts 22 innings and over 6 hours.  The teams displayed lifeless offense and the coup de grace is a pair of errors that finally put the game out of its misery.

What will happen next?  I can't wait to see how a depleted pitching staff and a bunch of sleepless Padres can recover and play against the hottest team in baseball.  It might seem that we don't stand much of chance tonight against the Diamondbacks, but I'll watch because anything can happen.