Oddities of Last Night's game

So I was watching the later innings of last night's game against the Rockies (avoiding homework), and I saw some weird stuff going on in the Padres dugout in the middle of the 18th inning.





I should tell you that I am a Mariners fan, and don't follow the Padres all that much, so it's entirely possible that this is some kind of inside thing in the Padres clubhouse.  That being said, what is the deal with the ram's head?  Where did it come from?  What is it's story?  The announcer said (I think, it was late) that it was left over from Linebrink's time.  Is this something that the Padres do when they have long games in an effort to jinx the other team?


I hope someone out there can answer this burning question, since it's weirding me out a little.

 [Note by jbox, 04/18/08 12:52 PM PDT ]

The Rams head is from Linebrink's locker.  This is a photo I took a few years ago. Not sure why they needed to tape the head up though.






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