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Open Thread: 4/16, Padres vs. Rockies

Justin Germano is back in action tonight against the Colorado Rockies. The Pads offense will face Mark Redman.

I was eating a chicken sandwich today at McDonalds and there was this guy wearing a Red Sox hat. He was defending his fandom to some dude out in McDonald's playland. "I've been a Red Sox fan all my life! My father was a Sox fan, my grandfather was a Sox fan and my great grandfather was a Sox fan! It's in my blood!"

It made me glad I'm a Padres fan where you don't always have to defend yourself. Nobody cares if you're a wannabe fan, they encourage it. For us, it's the more the merrier. I wonder if that will ever change if the Padres win the World Series, I get the feeling it won't.

Just missed out on a no-hitter by a few innings last night, I was thinking it would be nice if something special like that happened on a Tuesday night with a crowd of 20K, to give all the fans a treat, but realized that probably 40K would claim they were there.

Anyway, let's put this series in the pillow case tonight and we'll throw it in the river tomorrow.

Yay Padres!