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GameThread, 4/15: Padres vs Rockies

And so we revisit two of the more annoying memories of last season... Game 163 and this crazy unretiring of the universally retired number 42. To many, Game 163 was an amazing, joyous cause for celebration. To the Padres faithful, it was a stab in the proverbial gut. I do not know the proverb that references being stabbed in the gut. I do know that it did not come from the one about the boy who cried wolf.

Speaking of wolfs.

Randy Wolf goes for us today, not to avenge our loss in game 163, but rather to begin the battle anew with our counterparts sitting atop their little mountain, drinking moonshine. We face Ubaldo Jimenez. I tried (briefly) to figure out what what the name Ubaldo means, but I couldn't figure it out. The guy who made us the first batch of t-shirts was named Ubaldo. The batch turned out well, but it ended up being such a hassle to get them made and sent out. We'll one day revisit the t-shirt thing, but that makes 3 reminders within this one game of stuff that irritated me last year.