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GameThread, 4/12: Padres vs Dodgers

Christopher Ryan Young goes for us today. I've been browsing the new Baseball Reference splits lately and CY's franchise splits for the Dodgers are interesting. Did you know that CY's given up more walks to the Dodgers than to any other franchise? CY's also allowed more stolen bases to the Dodgers. There's all kinds of ways to explain it away, but it's one of those sorts of facts you can tell your friends and they'll be like, that's a f_ckin' awesome bit of trivia.

Derek Christopher Lowe goes for the Dodgers and the most interesting bit of trivia that I could find for him is the fact that the Padres have an On Base Percentage of .309 against him and an even lower slugging percentage of .298. That's ummmm.... that's kinda discouraging considering our recent streak of not being able to hit extra base hits.

I started this GameThread with such high hopes. Now, I'm just anxious not to get smoked too bad.