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Brian Giles, Scott Hairston and Jim Edmonds all to wear the number 19 as a tribute to Tony Gwynn

I just got word from Secret Source that the entire Padres outfield will wear the number 19 on May 9 to commemerate Tony Gwynn's birthday. What better way to commemorate the greatest Padre of all time than by letting everybody wear the number?

Giles on the number: "I wanted the number 19 when I first came to the Padres, but they told me it's retired. I'm glad they changed their minds. I just wanted to commemorate Gwynn anyway."

Edmonds on the number: "I figure I'm at least as good a player as Gwynn, so why shouldn't I wear the number? In fact, let me wear the number all the time."

Hairston on the number: "I just kinda liked wearing my own number, but if they want me to wear some other dude's number, then you know, whatever. Who's number is it again?"