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Dave Winfield "stars" on The Moment of Truth

Dave Winfield made an appearance on the game show Moment of Truth Wednesday night.  Is this what Padres Vice Presidents do?

Much like Pros vs. Joes, the Moment of Truth sounds like a good idea for a television show but it fails so badly.  Dave Winfield has appeared on both series.

The Moment of Truth takes a contestant and asks them a ton of questions while hooked up to a lie detector, behind the scenes.  They don't tell the contestant if they caught them in a lie or not.  Then armed with "the truth", the host asks uncomfortably personal questions to the contestant and they can tell if the person is telling the truth.  If they answer 15 questions truthfully then they get a large sum of money.  Once a question is asked you have to answer it and if you quit you get nothing.  To make matters worse they put the contestants family and friends in the audience.  They either ruin their family and get the money or what usually happens they ruin their family and get nothing.

They always seem to bring out a secret guest, sometimes it's a celebrity.  Dave Winfield came out to ask Question number 8.  He asked the female contestant if she ever fantasized about a Yankee player while having sex.

First of all this is a classless show and it's a shame that a Padres Vice President is in anyway associated with it.  Secondly, why is Winfield only touted as a former Yankee?  If you want to talk about being a Yankee the rest of your life then you should have just gone into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee!  

Apparently the husband didn't care that the contestant fantasized about Yankees, but he used his "pass" to save her from answering a question about her being Jewish.  Weird.

Update [2008-3-6 11:42:19 by jbox]:

The Questions:

New York Yankee Hall a Famer Dave Winfield asked Question 8

Question 8: While having sex with your husband Darren, have you ever fantasized about a member of the New York Yankees? Answer: Yes/True

Question 9: Have you ever been embarrassed to tell someone you are Jewish? Her husband pushed the buzzer to not answer the question