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Padres Player Pictures from High School

I remember when I was a kid Entertainment Tonight used to show pictures of celebrities from their High School yearbooks. They'd ask you to guess who the celebrity was, while they went to commercial. The idea was that you'd be so curious that you'd sit through the commercials to find out who it was. Sometimes the quiz would be really hard and sometimes the answer would be too obvious, but it was fun.

Well we got some pictures and we're told that the High School student in these pictures plays for the Padres. Maybe there is a mistake and he's not a current Padre and he might be before our time. The problem is that Dex and I can't figure out who it is, it's annoying and we've got to know! Maybe you can help. He certainly doesn't look familiar, but people do tend to change quite a bit as they mature.

Pictures after the jump. Who are you?!!