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Gaslamp Ball Bounty: Kyle Blanks' Afro

Walkoff Walk has laid down the challenge. Padres prospect Kyle Blanks apparently has a huge afro:

On Tuesday morning, Blanks accommodated his manager with his afro in all its glory complete with a 1970s era leisure suit. The 6-foot-6, 270-pound first baseman said he spent several days piecing together an outfit that was well received.
Who's at Spring Training? We need photographic evidence of said afro and we need that evidence, like, yesterday.

Update [2008-3-5 12:29:35 by Dex]: DONE. Elan gets like 10 GLBXP for this, but unfortunately, we've docked him half a point for every reference he's made to his penis and he's currently sitting somewhere around -173 GLBXP.