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Chris Young's unborn baby will not be interfering with his next start

Being a new father and a little bit of a hippy, I find this kinda weird. Chris Young and his wife are expecting a baby on Friday, but that's when Young's next spring training start is and since it's so darn inconvenient to have to wait on a baby when you're scheduled to throw 40 pitches against some other club's B-Team, they're just gonna go ahead and induce labor early. Congratulations?

"The doctor's been awesome," Young said. "We sat down and went over my pitching schedule. My next outing is on Friday and Friday is actually the due date, the seventh, so he's going to induce and she'll be here a couple of days early."

Think about the kinds of strings they'll be pulling in the future.

"Daddy, my school play is on Friday. I'm gonna play a carrot."

"Daddy has to be in Seattle on Friday to pitch against the Damn Mariners. Tell your school to reschedule the play or to just have them rent an auditorium up in Washington."

"Daddy, I'm a carrot."