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OPENING DAY! (and we really need a new rally cry)

It's Opening Day and by some minor miracle, the Padres actually are playing in San Diego on the (real) first day of the season! I'm the first to kick the schedulers in the nuts when the Padres open away from home, so I will thank them wholeheartedly for letting our Padres do their business today.

If you haven't noticed FanShots, then I encourage you to get familiar with them. We'll be updating throughout the day and our new and improved GameThread will be fired up shortly before gametime. Submit your FanShots, recommend your favorites and check Gaslamp Ball throughout the day for updates and news.

Also, what's our first rally cry going to be for the new season? I haven't seen an official one. WE NEED A RALLY CRY.

[Note by Dex, 03/31/08 5:45 PM EDT ] Drama got official word.

Thank you for your inquiry on our slogan for 2008. While we are still promoting the ballpark experience concept of last season’s slogan (when applicable) we do not have a specific slogan for this season. Nonetheless, thank you for your slogan suggestions.