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Open Thread, 3/3: Padres vs Milwaukee

Lots of bad blood in today's matchup as we face the team that kidnapped Mr. Padre Junior and brainwashed him into working against us. It's like the episode of Thundercats where Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat were brainwashed by Mum-Ra into working against the other Thundercats. What's interesting is their eyes kept glowing red and they kept grinning evilly. How did the other Thundercats manage to become so fooled? Nobody thought to ask the youngsters why their eyes glowed red? Did anybody check Tony Junior's eyes before his AB against Trevor? I bet they glowed red.

It's interesting to think of how many teams the Padres have beef with these days. Our team used to be so lovable and snuggly and now? Misfits with no friends.

You guys listening to the game today? Me neither. Oh, wait, you are? OK me too.

Lineup stolen from Corey Brock who apparently realizes that's what we're using him for. Corey's become our new lineup whore.

CF -- Jeff DaVanon
RF-- Jody Gerut
3B -- Kevin Kouzmanoff
1B -- Adrian Gonzalez
C -- Josh Bard
LF -- Chase Headley
2B -- Edgar Gonzalez
SS -- Oscar Robles
SP -- Chris Young

Chase Headley better do something exciting or else.