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Game Thread: 3/28, Padres vs. Angels

Just when the city of San Diego thought it had put the terrible wild fires in the past, the Padres felt the need to open the wound again.  So cruel...

San Diego Padres recognize Wildfire Survivors and First Responders:

Pre-game ceremonies include a salute to more than 35 first-response organizations that assisted in the relief effort. Padres players and coaches will exchange caps with individuals from these organizations and the team will wear the just-presented caps during the game. Participating organizations include several Southern California fire agencies, various law enforcement groups, the American Red Cross, U.S. Border Patrol and animal rescue organizations.

The game is at Petco tonight, tomorrow it's in Anaheim.  We were all supposed to go to the game tonight.  First Kev dropped out, then Dex, then Jon.  Who knew that Spring Training was supposed to hurt this much?  No wonder I never went before.

I just visited the Padres website and look what I saw:


  Three is a magic number, believe it.

We don't know who's playing tonight until the teams take the field because Corey Brock hasn't put up the line up, so we have nothing to steal.