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2008 Padres Predictions

Last year I predicted the Padres would finish with 90 wins and the NL West title.  I was right that it would take 90 wins to capture the NL West, I just picked the wrong team.  Instead we ended with 89 Wins and a third place finish.

A couple Gaslamp Ballers picked the correct number of wins but nobody got both the place and correct record.

A lot of the predictions were really vague in the last couple of years.  I want exact predictions.  Give me the total number of wins and the place in the division, bare minimum.

Bonus points for those who pick the correct places for all teams in the NL West.  Feel free to make other predictions as well:  World Series Champion, injuries, Wild Cards or whatever else you want.

I want you to really reach down into your psychic core and connect with the future.  Meditate on your prediction then post it.  It's that easy.

Here's my prediction:

Padres 83 Wins / 4th Place