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Metal Steve reviews MLB 08: the Show for Gaslamp Ball


We were recently asked to play and review a new game for Sony's PlayStation    Last week we received  a few copies of MLB 08: The Show.  We requested one for the the PlayStation 2 since none of us have the PlayStation 3 yet.  Dex, Jon and I will be reviewing the PS 2 version next week. 

Since we had those extra copies of the PS 3 version we thought we'd send them to some other hardcore gamers, to get their input.  We'll be featuring their reviews in the upcoming week.  We don't know too many gamers, but a friend of ours said he knew the perfect person.   Our friend has been giving us bootlegs of a metal band out of Fresno called Mighty Talon over the the past few months.  He told us that the guitarist in Mighty Talon is also an expert gamer and would come through with a great review for us.  I emailed Metal Steve and asked him if he'd kindly give us his expert opinion.

Here is Metal Steve's review of MLB 08: the Show written specifically for Gaslamp Ball.  We hope that you find it helpful when deciding if you should purchase this game.