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Open Thread, 3/26: Padres vs Rangers

Jake Peavy goes for us today, but more importantly, we get the chance to participate in the first Gaslamp Ball 2.0 Open Thread. Watch in amazement as you no longer need to constantly hit refresh to see if something new happens. Gaze in wonderment as new comments appear as they are submitted. Recommend your friends' comments and flag trolls as trolls.

Oh, it's on now. And as a special treat. Here's the lineup early:

Brian Giles - 9
Tadahito Iguchi - 4
Kevin Kouzmanoff - 5
Tony Clark - 3
Jody Gerut - 7
Khalil Greene - 6
Scott Hairston - 8
Josh Bard - 2
Jake Peavy - 1

HA! We finally beat Corey Brock to the lineup! Interestingly enough, I could see that being the opening day lineup except with A-Go in there instead of Kouz Clark.


Update 4:10PM: Buddy switched up the lineup. It should read...

Giles 9
Iguchi 4
Kouz 5
Clark 3
Greene 6
Hairston 8
Bard 2
Crabbe 7
Peavy 1

So Crabbe takes left instead of Gerut.