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My big deal internet radio appearance.

I was on the BlogTalkRadio show last night, and let me tell you... I was terrible. I'm not sure why I even do these things, other than I kinda like to embarrass myself because later on, I think it's funny.

True story. The ringtone on my phone is a clip of the song Drive, by the Cars, as performed by Julio Iglesias. What you hear on this video from :20 to about :25 is exactly what happens when somebody calls me:

Why do I have that as my ring tone? It's because I figured there would be times when I'd forget to turn my ringer off while in a potentially embarrassing place (work, class, courtroom, gay bar). When Julio would start singing, I'd turn red in the face, but oh what a laugh I'd have to myself later!

I think you can listen to it here. I should've done the whole thing in a really heavy Filipino accent. I feel so much more comfortable that way.