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Lineup Game

Everybody loves the Lineup Game. Given that Edmonds doesn't look likely for Opening Day, what do you think will be our lineup to start the season? Here's my guess...

Hairston (LF)
Gerut (CF)

Mostly because Khalil sucks ass right now. Poor guy. Also, is there a chance that Headley could actually see opening day on the roster?

Another young outfielder, Chase Headley was dropped to Triple-A on Sunday in part to expose the first-time left fielder to conditions he didn't face this month in the Cactus League. "Lights, wet grass - there are a lot of things he needs to experience that he didn't experience in spring training," manager Bud Black said.

General Manager Kevin Towers described Headley as a No. 5 hitter and a "very good third baseman" who has "a chance to be a good outfielder, too."

Let's just play him then. Come on.