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Is it still Spring Training?

Are you guys tired of Spring Training? Me too. Seriously, it's taking forever and I'm not sure that I'm learning anything new about the team. I've taken to barely even paying attention to the Spring Training games as we finish out the month.

Nothing surprises me anymore and I can only assume that decisions are being made by people brighter than me. I think we all saw a Jim Edmonds injury coming sooner or later and lo it has come to pass. What I figured that meant was that either Matt Antonelli or Chase Headley would be getting big league action to start the season. It seemed so clear to me, and yet neither Headley nor Antonelli will be around come Opening Day. Rather, we'll get P-Mac, who I still really like, though more in a "buddy who still insists on bringing the beer bong to the dinner party" kind of way. And we'll get Gerut, which is good times, but you know... I was kinda on the "excited about the top prospects" bandwagon.

All of which probably puts me in a poor frame of mind for my Treehouse Fort appearance tonight. Treehouse Fort is the podcast equivalent of Matt Sussman's BlogCritics sports show. I'm going to be breakin' it down with Sussman and Tuffy at the Fort and InjuryRate from FanIQ. Tune in if you'd like.

As a crib sheet, I may sneak looks at No Bias Baseball's division preview. They predict the Padres as 4th, but it's a reasonably thought out prediction. Tough to argue with it, which is also why I want the season to just start already. Gotta start underdoggin' our way to the postseason.