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Happy Easter! Here's more baseball in China for you!

No egg hunt this year, though I'm sure some are left from last year's egg hunt. It's always kinda fun/gross to come across last year's eggs, but I don't think we ever got around to cleaning them up.

Here's some fun reading though... A Lone Star Baller was at the China game and recounts his experience. Some key points:

  • The hot dogs were neither hot, nor made of actual dog, which in one way is good, but in the other way, bad. I'll let you decide which is which.

  • Chinese media was more psyched for the Dodgers and Chinese fans were pulling for the Dodgers because they have Asian people on the team. Not even Chinese, just Asian. Just goes to show that even Asian people can't tell Asian people apart.

  • Jet Li threw out the first pitch, and then proceeded to fly around the stadium kicking everyone in the face as he passed by.

  • Lots of little leaguers in the stands, which bodes well for Chinese Baseball in the future.

  • Lots of cheerleaders on the field, which bodes well for the pubescent development of the little leaguers.

  • Between innings, the scoreboard taught the Chinese the basic rules of the game. It was all fine and good until the concept of "outs" came up, at which point the Chinese government censored the video screen and a zeppelin with loudspeakers flew over the stadium, with a voice proclaiming, "NOBODY GETS OUT OF CHINA".

All in all, I'm glad that baseball was apparently well received (not that the Chinese government would allow us to believe otherwise). It's this kind of stuff that will eventually lead to the fall of communism. Until, of course, the Chinese government learns about revenue sharing and the MLB antitrust exemption, at which point, they'll be all like, "Told you that's the best way to do it."