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Peavy supports two big cheaters

Peavy supports Clemens, Bonds:

I don't know what the truth is about these guys and I don't really care. These guys are my buddies before anything else. Friendship is friendship.

I really hate reading this stuff. It reminds me of when Gwynn would support Bonds and McGwire. Bonds used to crack on Gwynn all the time for being fat and slow and Gwynn would always take the high road and praise Bonds. That's fine, but he would also insist that Bonds and McGwire belonged in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame should have no place for cheaters.Sp_giants270025cag_medium

If Jake Peavy truly loves the game of baseball wouldn't he be upset with his two "buddies" who have cheapened records, disgraced the game and its storied history? What kind of friends are those? It'd be different if Bonds and Clemens told the truth and came clean, forgiveness is an admirable trait. I can't understand publicly supporting them and claiming not to care about their actions when they did irreversible damage to the relationship between the league and its fans and continue to lie about it.

Not to mention if these guys really are Peavy's friends wouldn't they consider what their performance enhancers was doing to other players stats? What about their long term health? Does Peavy care about that? What about the health of those that follow in their role models footsteps and take PEDs themselves?

Peavy your friends cheated and you want to pretend it didn't happen and don't want to know about it. Hear no evil, see no evil. Friends shouldn't blindly support each other, when deep down they know the truth. They're the ones that need role models.

Peavy recalled. "Me and Barry being buddies, I wanted to take care of him in his old ballpark. I wanted to give him as good a send-off as he could have. That being said, I couldn't throw cookies up there all night because we had to win. But we were able to get a 9-2 lead, and I'm facing Barry knowing this was going to be his last at-bat.

"At that point, I knew we were going to win that game and he knew I was going to give him a good pitch to hit. He didn't have to guess what was coming: a fastball. He took a good shot at it and just missed it. We had a good little exchange there. We would've done that whether it had been on the field or not. But he wanted the fans to be a part of us paying our respect to each other."

Major League Baseball is about competition it's not about helping a friend of an opposing team hit a home run for the enemy crowd. I lost a lot of respect for Peavy here. That's not the right way to play the game. Bonds should appreciate competition not a cookie thrown his way. Do you think Bonds would help Peavy reach a strike out record by striking out on purpose? Not a chance in hell. Bonds and Clemens only look out for themselves. These are two friends that Peavy needs to keep his distance from because they aren't good role models for him.