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Spring Training: Part 3, "Brooks Conrad Love Fest"

As you may know Dex's brother-in-law is Brooks Conrad who is playing with the Oakland Athletics during Spring Training. So with that in mind and the fact that the Padres were playing Oakland let's have a look.

That video shows Brooks' second at bat where he hit a three run homer off the Pads.

Sports Network:

Brooks Conrad hit a three-run home run and drove in five runs as the Oakland Athletics pounded the San Diego Padres, 9-3, in Cactus League play.

More pictures of Brooks killing the Padres after the jump. Don't click if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.

Brooks during his first at bat where he flew out to center on the first pitch.

People in the stands were talking about how Brooks and the A's catcher looked like twins down in the dug out.

Brooks being congratulated by some friends after the game.