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Gaslamp Ball is headed to Peoria for Spring Training

Kev and I are headed out to Peoria, Arizona this Saturday.  This will be my first Spring Training trip ever.  If I may quote Sandy Alderson "There is only one first".  That is unless I get laid out there, then it will be two firsts.

I don't think Kev's been to Peoria yet, but he went to Yuma back in the day.  I'm excited.  We'll be attending the Padres / A's game and rooting for the Pads and Brooks Conrad.

I keep fantasizing about one thing though.  I'm hoping some HUGE Padres story will break in Peoria and all the major news sources that follow the Padres are in China.  There we'll be... Gaslamp Ball, with the story all to ourselves.  I just hope that Kev and I are paying attention at the time and not shoving hot dogs into our faces and putting sun tan lotion on each other.

I told Dex about my fantasy and he had this to say:  "it's like if WWIII broke out and all of our military forces were incapacitated except for the girl scouts".

Exactly... I can't wait.