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WTF? How does Jayson Werth have this many fans?

I'm sick of Jayson Werth's relatives and friends. Seriously.

If you're taunting someone and calling them names, I don't see how you are so upset with that individual responding to you in a similar manner. Michael Jordan is the most beloved sports figure of our time. What do you think he would do in that scenario? Interesting side note, I saw a game at Wrigley where the crowd taunted Jay Werth while he was on the Dodgers, chanting Jay worthless and what not - crap I'm sure he's heard a million times before. He came to bat the next inning and hit a bomb over the left field wall. Sure enough, he did come back and and give the crowd a look as if to say, "What now?". Only, the crowd was silenced (not about to shit ourselves). And, as a Cubs fan, I had to respect it. That's clutch.

He got called out by the fans and responded with a homerun. Same is true with a game ending catch. His team won. Get over it.

BTW - he's one of the most underated players around. He'd deserve to start in about any outfield in baseball (and he was drafted as a catcher).

Go find a hobby or something.

Here's what I say to you Cubs fan. STFU. I cannot believe that there are this many people willing to S Jayson Werth's C. So weird.

If Anonymous Cubs Fan had read the original post, he would see that Werth was 0 for 3 on the day with three strikeouts. Actually... WTF am I doing taking lessons from a Cubs fan on how to "get over it"? 1984. Get over your goat, Werth Fan.

[editor's note, by Dex] I know this is going to spark a ton of random Cubs fans to talk S about us on Cubs sites and talk about how poorly we treated their fans in 1984. Nobody cares and I'm glad I gave you the opportunity to wallow in bad memories.