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Padres are destined for the Wild Card. So says your XBox 360

Over on an XBox forum, a reader broke down the ratings for MLB 2k8's players and teams. The Padres just barely crack the top 10, and fall behind the Mets, Dodgers and Cubs in the National League. How does the rest of our division do?

1. New York Yankees
2. Detroit Tigers
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
5. New York Mets
6. Los Angeles Dodgers
7. Cleveland Indians
8. Minnesota Twins
9. Chicago Cubs
10. San Diego Padres
11. Toronto Blue Jays
12. Atlanta Braves
13. Philadelphia Phillies
14. Tampa Bay Rays
15. St. Louis Cardinals
16. Colorado Rockies
17. Chicago White Sox
18. Milwaukee Brewers
19. Cincinnati Reds
20. Seattle Mariners
21. Oakland Athletics
22. Arizona Diamondbacks
23. Houston Astros
24. Baltimore Orioles
25. San Francisco Giants
26. Washington Nationals
27. Pittsburgh Pirates
28. Texas Rangers
29. Kansas City Royals
30. Florida Marlins
The Rockies are getting disrespected. How're you the National League Champs and not even in the top 10 given that your team hasn't really changed? No respeck for the Mile High.

Interestingly enough, Jake Peavy is ranked as the third best starting pitcher in the game behind, Johan Santana, which I can see, and Roy Halladay!? Jake's falling off his game. Chris Young cracks the top 20 in a tie for 20th.

Danny Haren is 19th and Brandon Webb is 6th. If you combine their scores, Peavy and Young score a combined 180 and Haren and Webb combine for a score of 178. So at least according to your XBox 360s, we have the best one-two in the division.

No Padres position player ranks in the top 10, but Hoffman comes in at 6 for closers, which I can see, his meltdowns in big games notwithstanding.

Anything else look especially interesting here?