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Sports@Lunch: Bud Black and Kevin Towers

Gaslamp Baller BondsBeliever hooked us up with a ticket to the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports@Lunch.  Kevin Towers and Buddy Black spoke a bit about the team and answered a few questions.

Here's what we learned:

  • Here's the line up for next year via Buddy Black:
    1. Brian Giles
    2. Tad Iguchi
    3. Kevin Kouzmanoff
    4. Adrian Gonzalez
    5. Khalil Greene
    6. Jim Edmonds
    7. Josh Bard
    8. Scott Hairston
  • Only 4 of the regular players will likely go to China.  Maddux, Hoffman, Hairston and maybe Greene.  The rest will be prospects. They've got Cactus League Games to win, but hope to stomp the Dodgers in China nonetheless.
  • Prior is throwing with Hoffman as we speak.  He's throwing at 150 feet and throwing from the mound.  He says his arm is feeling the best it's ever felt.  He should be good to go by May 1.
  • Brian Giles will be starting on opening day.  He and Buddy Black went to the Aztec's basketball game last night.
  • Matt Bush will likely be out the entire 2008 season with his Tommy John Surgery.  Apparently Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz were interested in him and Towers was like "He just had Tommy John Surgery".  They were like "We don't care!"  That's how good Bush is.