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Even Monica Lewinsky is kinda creeped out by this

Not since the infamous blue dress have we seen this amount of famous person DNA saved. From the article:

McNamee kept the vials, gauze pads and syringes from the 2000 and 2001 seasons because he feared Clemens would deny using performance-enhancing drugs, the source told the Daily News.

Now if that's true, it's super weird. Was McNamee planning on blackmailing Clemens? Why else would he "fear" a Clemens denial? You stick the dude in the buttocks with the needle and then you hang onto everything because your afraid of a denial? What kind of friend are you?

What I think happened... McNamee had such a big man crush on Clemens that he hung onto this stuff, a la Monica Lewinsky in the hopes that someday, medical science would advance to where he could combine McNamee DNA with Clemens DNA and create an unholy union that would result in a McNamee/Clemens love child. Believe it, or not!