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Roger Clemens giving deposition today

I'm absolutely fascinated by Roger Clemens and this tangled web that he appears to be in. Is it possible that Clemens actually didn't take anything? I can't imagine that's possible. I gotta figure that they asked Andy Pettitte the basic question, "Did Roger Clemens take steroids or HGH?" And what exactly could Pettitte have said? We know Pettitte "admitted" to taking HGH with the currently kosher line that he was trying to recover from injury. It basically falls in line with what McNamee has said.

My theory. Clemens has completely deluded himself into believing that he actually has never taken performance enhancers. I'm really curious as to what happens when Clemens gets out of this interview. His first public response will be really telling. You know Clemens won't be able to keep his mouth shut the way Pettitte has. Clemens will come out and say something and I can't wait for that.