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Open Thread, 2/29: Tadahito Iguchi vs Hideo Nomo

I'll call it right now. This game will decide who the Leap Year/Class of '69 Champion is. If we can pull off the victory, the earliest the Royals can attempt to take the title away from us will be 2012... THE FUTURE. This will also count towards the official Japanese Hitters vs Japanese Pitchers contest that lights the fires deep within the respective souls of each of the Nipponese combatants. Their souls.

I will blatantly steal the lineup from Corey Brock:

DH Callix Crabbe
2B Tadahito Iguchi
CF Jim Edmonds
1B Tony Clark
SS Khalil Greene
C Michael Barrett
LF Scott Hairston
RF Paul McAnulty
3B Craig Stansberry
SP Shawn Estes

I'd still click through to Corey's blog to say hi, or to ask him an inane question, if that's what floats your boat. Ask him if he agrees with you that Eric Owens was the best outfielder that the Padres have ever had on their roster. Then ask him if agrees that it was a huge mistake that the Padres gave up on Ruben Rivera.