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Baseball Videogame

I'm looking forward to MLB 2k8 on the DS, but I know it won't match what I have in my mind for a great baseball videogame on the DS. I want to see a baseball game for the DS completely break the mold. Here are the ideas that I want game designers to steal from me.

  1. Drag and drop fielders - I want to be able to drag and drop my fielders anywhere I want on the field. Let's say I want to bring the infielders in? I just drag them in with my stylus. I want to put in an extreme shift? I slide those guys over. I want to experiment with the old "play the outfielders 3 feet away from homeplate"? I can just drag them there and watch them get drilled.

  2. Microphone feature 1: Breaking Wind - Let's say a ball's almost gonna be a homerun? I want to blow into the microphone to give it some lift to get over. Fair or foul? At the least minute, let me blow into the mic to get it to go my way.

  3. Microphone feature 2: A-Rod rounding third - If two fielders are closing in on a fly ball, I want to be able to yell, "I GO I GO I GO I GO" or "MINEMINEMINEMINE" in an effort to distract them into an error.

  4. Microphone feature 3: AYEEE BATTA BATTA - Similar to Microphone feature 2, I want to chatter it up. If I can correctly enunciate, "We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher" into the microphone, I want the opposing pitcher to suddenly start scratching his belly.

  5. Draw the path of the pitch - Instead of just a regular fastball, curve, slider type of thing... Just let me draw the path that the ball will take on the way to the batter.
Man. I'd be playing that game all the time.