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Why does Nick Canepa hate San Diego?

If you read the latest piece by Canepa, he talks to John Moores about the Chargers' stadium situation. Moores is a big fan of using the Port land downtown for the Charger stadium and is anxious to see how the whole thing plays out. Personally, I'd like to see the Chargers get a new stadium. Obviously, I'm a Charger football fan, so you have to take that into account, but I think the port land probably would make for a nice Charger Stadium site. It's certainly a lot better than ideas that the Port has considered before.

So, I find myself agreeing with John Moores, and Nick Canepa I suppose, until he closes his article with:

Even when their private lives have gone wrong, there are people in this city - maybe because they were born and raised somewhere else - capable of thinking clearly.
Oh. So being born and raised in San Diego precludes you from "thinking clearly"?

As much as I'd like a new Charger Stadium built, I'm glad that that the city isn't caving under relocation threats and is working on trying to find a good solution to this common problem. Thank goodness for that.

I'm also glad that even when faced with an issue to be debated, there are people in San Diego - maybe because they aren't geriatrics who write for the UT - capable of expressing an opinion without offending the people they're trying to win over.