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David Wells Pitching in San Diego

Buster Olney's Blog:

Last weekend, David Wells pitched again, in a game. There were hitters, there were fielders. And Wells wasn't in Florida or Arizona.

No, Wells took the mound in the alumni game at his alma mater, Point Loma High School, in San Diego, agent Gregg Clifton reported on Monday afternoon. "He wants to play," said Clifton. "He told me, 'If I didn't feel good and I didn't want to play, I wouldn't be out here.' "

How cool would it be to be a high school player and getting to face David Wells in your alumni game?  Wells is one of those guys that is hard to figure out.  Times like these he seems like someone who just really loves the game and he'd be willing to play it at any level.  At other times he seems like someone who just wants to milk every last nickel out of whatever talent he has left in the tank.  

Either way it must have been quite a sight to see him pitching on a high school field.  I wonder what his line score was?  Think of how embarrassing it would be for Wells if some Sophomore hit a home run off him or he just got lit up by the entire squad.  That's a low reward / big risk he took and that's what's cool about him.

Our high school didn't have any famous baseball alumni.  During an alumni game our friend, who was a pitcher, pitched against our school janitor.  The janitor hit a home run off of him.  For the rest of high school our friend's nickname was "Janitor".