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Padres Top Prospects from BP

Five-Star Prospects
1. Chase Headley, 3B/OF
2. Matt Antonelli, 2B
Four-Star Prospects
3. Matt Latos, RHP
Three-Star Prospects
4. Drew Miller, RHP
5. Cesar Carrillo, RHP
6. Drew Cumberland, SS
7. Wade LeBlanc, LHP
8. Will Inman, RHP
9. Kyle Blanks, 1B
Two-Star Prospects
10. Kellen Kulbacki, OF
11. Mitch Canham, C

Baseball Prospectus has liked our minor league system lately. This gives you a relatively decent idea of what's going on if you haven't been paying attention. If you have been paying attention, then please enlighten me as to what you think about these ratings. I'm especially excited about Latos and how he comes along.